• Denis Rossiev is an award-winning Metaverse artist, AR engineer, speaker and tech advisor based in Dubai, an official partner of Meta & Snapchat.

    Focused on digital sculptures, procedural generation, and interactive objects, Denis creates experimental, though viral AR experiences on the edge between art and technology.

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    Started AR at the end of 2018 with more than a decade of background in graphic design and creative coding, today Denis is well-known in AR and digital art community, because of his breakthrough experiments with phygital clothing, environment changing experiences, and complex interactive effects on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and VK.

    In 2021, Denis presented his projects at several exhibitions, such as:

    • Expo Dubai (FFFACE.me x FINCH WEAR phygital fashion international collaboration).
    • CADAF Digital Art Month in New York.
    • Ukrainian Fashion Week
    • DOP digital art festival by Moscow Department of Transportation
    • Disartive, the biggest offline NFT/art fair in Eastern Europe

    Multiverse was selected by Meta in the Top-10 AR effects of 2021.
    Skin Thief was selected by Snap as the most original lens of 2021.